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How can you earn money with Trotec materials?

Since Trotec is a long time player in the laser and mateiral business, we can offer profound knowledge of both machines and consumables. We are more than happy to share this knowledge with you in order to make you more profitable. 

Your input

See our example of a chain with an individual solid wood pendant. When you produce 100 wood pendants with a Speedy 360, it costs the following: 

Input Cost per pieceDetails 
Material 0.19 €  
Assembly time 0.02 € 100 pcs:  2 min; 50 € / hour
Process time 0.37 € 100 pcs: 45 min; 50 € / hour
Cleaning time 0.20 € 100 pcs: 25 min; 50 € / hour
Leather belt 0.50 €  
 Total  1.28 €  


Your profit

The market price for an individual, personalised chain with a solid wood pendant is 10 - 20 Euros. This results in the following profit:

 Profit per unitProfit for 100 units
Margin for the chain 8.72 - 18.72 € 872 - 1872 €
Trotec wood for your arts and crafts

We offer many different types of wood - mdf, plywood, solid wood and veneers - which are all optimizted for laser engraving and cutting. A natural matt finish provides a high-quality and durable appearance of wood panels. You can easily customize a pre-fabricated solid wood box, for example.

Be creative with TroGlass

With our TroGlass line, you can create amazing signs and lettering. This line offers a large assortment of different colors, transparency and thickness. Because of its outstanding translucency and the even light transmission, TroGlass is frequently used for lighted advertisements or back-lighted POS displays.

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