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TroGlass Mirror – new acrylic sheets for your laser

Creativity knows no boundaries

We are expanding our acrylic range with TroGlass Mirror, an extruded acrylic glass with a reflective surface. These products allow a variety of creative applications due to their striking appearance and simple processing capabilities.  

What can be made with TroGlass Mirror?

Create distinctive applications with TroGlass Mirror by letting your creativity run free, and make things from personalized jewelry to customized wall decor. These acrylic laser materials are also ideal for sales displays, occasional novelties, signage and lettering applications.

acrylic laser materials for displays
Tips and tricks for processing TroGlass Mirror

TroGlass Mirror is the perfect alternative to real glass, given the advantages over glass mirrors. Mirror acrylic sheets are lighter and have a higher breakage resistance than glass, which means the material has a lower risk of falling and breaking when attached to a wall. The material base is extruded acrylic glass with a very low thickness tolerance. Read our laser material processing instructions, which is thoroughly tested by our experts, then use our instructions to determine the optimum parameters. 

process troglass mirror acrylic sheets
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