TroGlass Satins

TroGlass Satins cast acrylic glass is available in a wide range of colors, in variations of transparent, translucent and non-transparent. All products have a matte, anti-reflective surface. Both engraving sheet sides have a satin surface that gives an elegant and soft feeling and appearance. Our acrylic sheets are US-stable and weatherproof.


  • Suitable for indoor use

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • Suitable for laser processing

  • Suitable for rotary engraving

  • Sheet size in mm:

    Full Sheet 24'' x 48''
    Half Sheet 24'' x 24''
    Quarter Sheet 12'' x 24''

    Material Features:

  • Material: Cast acrylic

  • Translucency: translucent, non-transparent

  • Cutting method: laser, saw

  • Finish: matte

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