TroLase Lights Premium

TroLase Lights Premium is a thin, two-layer, flexible engraving material featuring a micro surfaced coating on an acrylic core. It comes with an adhesive backing and is UV stable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where efficiency in processing and quality of results are high priority. TroLase Lights Premium also allows for special editing options, such as kiss-cutting, to simplify the work process.


  • Industrial labeling
  • Trophy labeling
  • Functional signage indoor and outdoor
  • Name badges
  • Custom Stickers

Sheet size in mm:

Full Sheet 12" x 24"

Material Features:

  • Material: Micro-surfaced 2 ply plastic, with adhesive

  • Thickness: 0.008"

  • Cutting method: laser, guillotine

  • Finish: matt, glossy, metallic

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