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TroCraft Eco – the laser material made of recyclable resources

trocraft eco environmentally-friendly wood sheet
Nature meets modernity: TroCraft Eco

The people of today are once again focusing on sustainable and environmentally-friendly values, and therefore prefer materials that are 100% biodegradable. TroCraft Eco offers the best conditions for this. TroCraft Eco is produced without using additives, is fully biodegradable and emission-free. TroCraft Eco is made from pure cellulose fiber and can be used for customized, modern designs due to its stability, flexibility and durable formability. 

What can be produced with TroCraft Eco?

Natural and diverse - make creative individual pieces from recyclable materials. Create sustainable toys, interiors or applications for furniture making, vehicle construction and tool making. Due to its low weight and easy processing, TroCraft Eco is perfect for interior design, model making or product and industrial design. 

trocraft eco wood sheet laser cutting
Tips and tricks for processing TroCraft Eco

Read our processing instructions for the laser material tested by experts and use our instructions to determine the optimum parameters. Test the environmentally-friendly wood sheet on your laser using our step-by-step instructions.

trocraft eco wood sheet laser engraving
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